First Post...Introductions!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Tamie...
First, I should say that I am just a Mom who is fat. I have done many diets in my 31 years. My first one was in 6th grade, Slim*Fast for school lunch. Yum! By 9th grade it was Nutrisystem (the old version with an office) and they closed.
In high school, I gave up after that, but my weight wasn't really increasing at that point.
When I was 18, I gained a ton of weight thanks to a boyfriend who work at the Olive Garden...can you say free Fettuccine Alfredo whenever you want it?!
Being single was a great diet after him...and my weight re-stabilized. I wasn't thin again...but I wasn't packing it on either.
Then I met my husband...we were both "thick" but not huge...together, we got fat and happy. Lots of takeout and not a whole lot of exercise equaled big poundage.
We got married fat, lived fat and couldn't seem to get pregnant fat.
We tried Atkins, South Beach, etc. But cutting out whole food groups isn't sustainable long term for most folks.
Then I entered a medically supervised liquid diet program. 5 shakes and one meal a day. Sounds crazy, but I lost 50lbs in 2.5 months and got pregnant without even trying.
After my son was born, I planned to hop right back on that bandwagon right away, but I just couldn't get it to work. My diets would last for about 10lbs and then I would fall off the wagon again.
Weight Watchers worked temporarily as well, but the commitment of going to meetings and dealing with points, not actual calories became costly (books, guides, meetings, etc) and daunting.
Watching Dr. Oz on Oprah and reading his books gave me some new insight. Also inspiring ourselves by watching the Biggest Loser (even while eating a big bowl of ice cream) fed that desire.
I attempted this spring to go Vegetarian...which felt great in my body, but like I said before, cutting out an entire food group became overwhelming fast. Also, my discovery that I hate Tofu, most beans and a lot of the protein substitutes made it feel impossible to stick with forever.

So this summer as I turned 31 still fat...super sick feeling and tired all the time, I decided to re-evaluate my life, finally.
My job was crafting. My website was my life. I was constantly working. And for me, working meant sitting on the couch and crocheting, or writing, or working on the computer.
This sedentary lifestyle was catching up with me in a big way. I felt my heart skipping beats of me, when I ate some fast food, I could feel my blood pumping hard in my veins. I literally thought to myself, you could drop dead...anytime.
As September approached and my son started Preschool, I was getting sick of being the fattest Mom in the room.
My husband and I got serious. We decided that we could change our ways or this time next year, we'll be sicker and fatter...and pretty soon, our son will realize we're fat.

So what am I doing.
I am counting calories.
I am tracking everything I put in my mouth with a notebook.
I give myself 1 cheat a week that does NOT exceed my BMR calories (I'll get into that more later)
I eat foods I like, in moderation and within my calories.
I limit (not exclude) fruit and sugar. But I still eat sweets (Splenda is a miracle!)

That's the basic gist...I plan to share what I eat with you, tips I'm learning and updating my progress.


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