Making your Diet Fit

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have the luxury of a child who sleeps in. Please, restrain the Boo-ing. I sleep until 9-10am most mornings.
What's the point?? The point is that I don't usually eat breakfast. Ok ok!!! No more boos!

But I do love to snack at night! It used to be cake, ice cream, cookies...I would literally go into a panic if I didn't have some dessert in my house.

Now that I'm dieting this all has to change, right? I have to force something down my throat when I wake up and stop eating at 8pm now, right? No.

I am on a 1200 calorie diet. A big breakfast leaves me few calories for snacking. So I decided to just wait until Noon and eat then.

I usually wake up at 10am, eat at noon, have 100cal or less snack if I'm dying (which is rarely the case...I can usually go right through til dinner). Then dinner at 6:30-7pm.
That usually leaves me around 400cal to blow on snacking at night...when I LOVE to eat!

To replace the ice cream and cookies, I have a 150cal Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich. These are the best thing ever by the way.

After that, we MAKE popcorn. We use a big pot and pop it ourselves. 1/3c of unpopped kernels is enough for me and my hub. With about a teaspoon of safflower oil on the bottom for heat and a little's way yummier than microwave and we look forward to it every night!

Then I have something like a Kashi TLC Fruit & Grain Bar in Raspberry Chocolate. It has Fiber, protein, and a fruity chocolaty top that is extremely satisfying.

The trick to making your diet work for you is to make it about you. How do you like to eat normally? Morning person? Grazer? Night Owl Snacker?
Ask yourself what can get you over the hump?

I love a lot. Did I stop eating pizza? No way! I eat Pizza nearly every day! Now it's a Lean Cuisine Pizza most days for lunch. Not exactly like that greasy pizza I'm used to...but it gets me over the hump. Get it? It's not about having exactly what you want, but replacing it with something that soothes the craving.

Think about when and what you eat each day when you aren't dieting and see if you can just replace what you are eating now with something a little better for you. You might be surprised how easy it is to get all the foods you like and still diet.


The Quade Family said...

lol...I love this one. So I have some suggestions for you! Have you had the 200 Calorie DiGiorno Pizzas (they are great). Also...Skinny Cow makes the Truffle bars. I used to LOVE the plain skinny cow ice cream sandwiches but these truffle bars are freaking amazing. I havent had the sandwich since I found these. Just a fun bit of food fun! :)

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