The Math of Weight Loss

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get your pencils out...because there will be math involved.

Decide what you think is the amount of weight you want to lose a can figure out how many calories you need to eat to get there.

Let's say you are 200lbs, a woman and you want to lose 2lbs a week.

First, take your weight and multiply it by 11 if you're a female, 12 for men.

200 x 11 = 2200 BMR calories

BMR: Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day.

Then you take your BMR and multiply by 7 (days in a week):

2200 x 7 = 15400
the number of calories you burn in a week without doing a lick of exercise.

And let's say you think you can't survive on less than 1500cals a day.

1500 x 7 = 10500
The number of calories you want to eat in a week...
So what does this number tell us about pounds...alot if you know the magic number

this is the number of calories in a POUND!

So subtract your weekly intake from your weekly BMR #:

15400 - 10500 = 4900
This is your weekly calorie defecit.

4900 / 4086 = 1.2lbs
This is what you will lose per week at this level of calories with no exercise.

At this point you have to decide what amount of exercise you think you will ACTUALLY do. If you think you won't do much at first but still want to lose...reduce the calories slowly until you find your comfort zone.

For me, I was a full on couch potato. But losing weight was very important to I was willing to cut my calories down to an acceptably small amount to lose 3lbs a week.

Most days I eat just under 1200 cals. For me, it's not hard...but I didn't go from 0-60 overnight.
I started out not tracking on paper...just keeping mental check. Eating out still, but going to healthier options.
Sounds good, easy...but the results weren't all that exciting. 1lb, 2lbs, .5lbs...the numbers were going the right way, but not fast enough for me.
So I decided to keep a notebook and count every calorie I ingested. I also do the above equation every week to figure out how many pounds I actually lost. (regardless of the scale...water weight can fluctuate you weight by a pound or two even after the first couple weeks)

1200 was the magic bullet for me. At this point I am losing 4lbs a week. And soon, I will have to add more exercise to maintain that amount of weight loss...but because I know the math of weight loss...I can figure that out for myself.


Lynnie said...

For me you are a very inspirational woman. I love all you do, and I've bought some of your patterns in the past. That's why I decided to follow you on your journey. I, myself, am 63, and weight 151. This is overweight for me as I have always been small. But since about age 55 I have continuously gained weight. I have so far lost 18 pounds thru just changing the way I eat. I am going to try your way, it seems very logical. Diets are not for me. Good luck to you and I will check in with you every so often. You are a friend of mine on facebook, by the way.

The Quade Family said...

Yah Tamie...Im so excited. You have been a HUGE inspiration for us and now we can join the fun! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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