The Mental Click

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the past, I have been successful dieting and I have been, obviously, very unsuccessful more often.
So what makes one diet work and another diet not work?

The Mental Click.

It's the day when you stop kind of wanting to lose weight and decide that you cannot live another day the way you are living now.

It's when you are ready to stop making excuses for why you are fat...
"I really just love food."
"I don't have the time or money to make healthy food."
"I'm just not motivated."

And that's just what you tell other people...what are you saying to yourself...
"I'll never be skinny."
"I can't lose weight."
"I suck."

The first step in achieving the "Click" is to change your inner dialogue. This should change before you even change your eating...change your thinking.
Find a mantra...I know it sounds lame, but make it a go-to every time you are feeling weak and I swear it works!

Mine is:
"I love my son more than food."

When I'm thinking about eating that thing that I know is WAY bad for me...I tell myself that and I can get past it.

In addition I have a mental checklist of other positive affirmations:
"I take good care of myself"
"Just because I want something, doesn't mean I need it."
"My health is more important to me than food."

Find ones that work for you...

but not:
"I want to be skinny"
"I am making myself healthy"

Get it?
Try it when you are thinking of having that diet busting treat...
Once you get that click, I promise, dieting gets soooo much easier. You are making a lifestyle change, so you need a permanent mental change to do it.


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