Weighing In

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Studies show that people that weigh themselves daily generally weigh less...

I am going to buck this and tell you to make your weigh-in a weekly event.

That's right, pick a day of the week and weigh-in only on that day. Make sure it's at about the same time of day.

For us, it's Tuesday Nights at 7pm-ish.

We use our Wii Fit which has a balance board with a built in scale. The game will track your progress, tells you your BMI and weight and even has graphs to see how far you've come. You can also set goals and the game will update you on how close you are getting to your goal. It makes it fun!

And that's also the night Biggest Loser comes on and we watch it afterward to motivate and inspire us.

Once a week weigh-ins also makes it easier to track your progress as your weight can fluctuate wildly depending on many factors including the time of day, sodium and water intake.

As weigh in day approaches, I try to focus on eating low sodium meals and boosting my water intake.

If you feel more comfortable weighing every day...try to do it at the same time and pick one day of the week to "count" as your official weigh-in.


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