Diet Must Have...Water Mug

Friday, December 4, 2009

I try to drink copious amounts of water every day as part of my weight loss plan but I noticed that when I ditched the plastic water bottle (for environmental reasons) I wasn't remembering to drink enough.
Those ready to drink bottles with 2 glasses of water in them are convenient but not essential. You can pre-fill those cool stainless steel water bottles and have your daily need ready to grab.

But what I use is an Insulated Water Mug that I bought at a Weight Watchers meeting about 3 years ago.
The bonuses of using this as my go-to water receptacle are the big fat straw which make chugging down 32oz of water a lot easier, the insulated design keeps my ice water cold (did you know ice water speeds up your metabolism?) and right on the side, it has the measurments so you know for sure how much you are drinking.

I have no idea is WW even sells these or if you have to go to a meeting to buy one...I found 1 on ebay...but it was much more expensive than if you drop by your local WW meeting and see if they'd sell you one. I think they are around $5!

If you'd rather just hit Target or Wally World...I'm sure they have something comparable. Go big, big straw and if it holds at least 32oz...that's a plus!

Happy Drinking (and peeing, LOL)

PS...on a weigh-in day, I try and get 3 of these in before I weigh at 7pm. But stop drinking around 6 so I can *cough* expel the extra water weight...


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