Fast Food Fix - Panda Express

Friday, December 11, 2009

I don't think I could keep with a diet long term if I could never eat the things I love...and some of those things are Fast Food! I could have lived on it!
But obviously, the calories in most items bought at chain restaurants...way unacceptable.

My goal is to know what I'm eating by check nutritional info and eating what I like but in the proper moderation and portion. Heck, if I can sustain on a frozen dinner, I can eat half of a fast food meal and be happy.

So, I plan on sharing with you my great Fast Food Fixes! This time let's go to Panda Express and get our Chinese on!

The trick here...get the Kid's Meal!!! I love love love Orange Chicken...but the Standard portion is 400 cals all by itself! Add a second side and double that...then there's the rice! You are walking out the door eating well over...
1000 cals!!!

Save tons of cals and go for the Kid Portion at 310! Eat half of the steamed rice (a full kid's portion is 260) you are only adding 130 cals...bringing the whole meal to...
440 cals!

Not a meal to eat every day (I generally try to keep meals below 400) but if it's a night when you need that fix...this is a sensible way to get the foods you love and not kill that number on the scale.



Melissa said...

I love kids meals. They're a more appropriate proportion.
The McDonalds Happy Meals are always good and you can get them with a side of apple slices and a milk. If you get the chicken nuggets, it still satisfies the fried food craving!

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